legal advisor

Dominik Bala

About me

I am a legal advisor, member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw. Before establishing Capital Legal, I cooperated with leading Warsaw law firms by being part of the corporate services and public procurement law departments. I have considerable experience in providing legal services to commercial law companies as a so-called in-house lawyer. Since the beginning of my professional career, I have had the opportunity to accumulate knowledge in the area of corporate law and contract law.

I have a special interest in projects that require analytical skills from a lawyer. I participated in projects related to, among others, the informatization of health care, the transformation of a group of FMCG manufacturing companies, the implementation and maintenance of information systems, and others. I prepared investment, implementation or maintenance contracts. More than once I took an active part in negotiations between the parties to the transaction.

I have come to believe that effective provision of legal services requires not only knowledge of the letter and practice of the law, but also non-legal knowledge. The ability to work with interdisciplinary issues for years has provided me with the practice of public procurement law, where success is often determined by issues that go far beyond the statutory matter. I have been dealing with public procurement law since 2014. I regularly represent my clients before the National Board of Appeals. I have participated in dozens of hearings before the NAC.

To meet the needs of modern business, I provide comprehensive legal support to entrepreneurs who provide services and conduct sales electronically. I advise healthcare entities, including those providing telemedicine services. At Capital Legal, I am responsible for the Personal Data Protection Department. Together with a team of lawyers, I have participated in dozens of RODO (GDPR) implementations and audits over the past years.

I regularly provide legal comments published in the services: Subjectively about Finance, Polish Press Agency, Polsat News, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

I enjoy working with the IT, design and consulting industries, among others.

I graduated in law from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. I am a graduate of postgraduate studies in public procurement law at the Warsaw School of Economics.

Examples of completed projects:


  • preparation and negotiation of a number of IT contracts, including, among others, pre-implementation and implementation contracts, contracts for the construction of IT systems, contracts for the construction of web applications, SLAs, contracts for the provision of services in the cloud (SaaS), contracts for the transfer of software copyrights, license agreements;
  • legal audits of commercial companies, in particular the so-called pre-sale and pre-purchase audits,
  • ongoing legal services to an IT company engaged in building advanced IT systems,
  • participation in the restructuring and commercialization of a significant medical entity,
  • ongoing legal services to a pharmaceutical company engaged in the production and sale of medicines with more than 200 employees.


  • conducting dozens of RODO implementations and audits in the field of personal data protection law in entities with a diverse structure and scale of operations, including, among others, IT, pharmaceutical, insurance and manufacturing companies,
  • legal audits of mobile and web applications for compliance with data protection law and regulations on the provision of electronic services,
  • legal counseling to medical entities providing telemedicine services, including at the stage of launching services on the market, preparation of organizational bylaws and regulations for the provision of telemedicine services,
  • legal support in the process of launching dozens of online stores, sales platforms, marketplace and others.


  • regular representation of contractors from industries such as IT, FMCG, design, cleaning, among others, in proceedings before the National Board of Appeals,
  • advising a number of IT companies on public procurement law at the levels of manufacturers, distributors and sellers of computer equipment. Representation of the above-mentioned entities in proceedings before the National Appeals Chamber aimed at shaping the content of the tender documents (sic) desired by the client,
  • providing legal services to contract engineers in tender proceedings financed from EU funds, participation in the team preparing tender proceedings aimed at the acquisition of e-health computer systems by a network of hospitals and integration with the nationwide P1 platform,
  • legal support for beneficiaries (including start-up companies) in the settlement of contracts awarded in the execution of projects financed from domestic and EU sources,
  • preparation of a number of tender documents, including in proceedings for the construction of IT infrastructure, supply of IT systems, supply of medical equipment, preparation of regulations for the award of sub-threshold contracts,
  • legal support in tender proceedings and representation in disputes before the NAC, among others, one of the largest Polish manufacturers of computer hardware and one of the leading Polish shipchandlers.