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Recently, due to the application of the GDPR, awareness and the need for proper protection of personal data in Poland have increased among entrepreneurs. There have been few legal acts in recent years that would arouse as much emotion and publicity as the GDPR. However, many myths and false interpretations have arisen around individual concepts related to the GDPR. The vision of millions of penalties astonishes entrepreneurs and causes them to reach for all possible instruments to avoid these penalties – often at the expense of developing their company.


The GDPR in its assumptions was not intended as a tool aimed at hindering entrepreneurs from running a business. However, as practice shows, in Poland significant market players are coping with the new regulations quite well. Small and medium-sized enterprises, for which the cost of doing business has increased due to the GDPR, and who have often been the victims of unfair practices related to the GDPR, have incurred the largest cost of adapting to the new regulations.


If data protection issues still seem complicated and incomprehensible to you, we will help you find yourself in these complexities. We want to convince you first that understanding the meaning of these regulations and then learning how to apply them is crucial. The best effects are achieved by explaining the most difficult issues in a clear and transparent way. The implementation of the GDPR in Poland requires an individual approach and development of personalized solutions appropriate for a given entrepreneur. Often, they do not have to be complicated, complex and costly, which is why we start developing documentation and implementing data protection solutions by learning about the company, analyzing its organization, subject of activity and method of operation. It is only on the basis of the knowledge acquired in this way that we will prepare an action plan and start implementing it together.

We offer the following services in the area of personal data protection (GDPR):

  • Preparation and giving opinions on documents regarding the protection of personal data, such as information clauses, consents to the processing of personal data, authorization to process personal data, contracts for entrusting the processing of personal data, data protection procedures and policies, records of processing activities.
  • Conducting risk analysis in the field of personal data protection.
  • Conducting audits of compliance of data processing with the GDPR and other applicable regulations.
  • Preparation of legal opinions in the field of personal data protection, including assessing the need to appoint a data protection officer or keeping a register of processing activities.
  • Giving recommendations on the implementation of processing rules, including data retention, privacy principles at the design stage and in default settings, data profiling, reporting data protection breaches.
  • Preparation of data breach reports to the Polish GDPR supervision authority.
  • Representation in the audits conducted by the Polish GDPR supervision authority, in proceedings before Polish GDPR supervision authority and before administrative courts.

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