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Rules and values

We are a law firm that focuses its practice on providing legal services to entrepreneurs. Our goal is to offer clients the highest possible quality of legal services so that they can focus on running and developing their business. Our success is based on our values. They define what we represent as a law firm, regardless of the type of case we deal with.

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Reliable work

Reliable work is a key value that we profess. Our clients who entrusting us with their affairs expect hard work and maximum competence from us. We understand that. In court, or during negotiations, even the most talented lawyer can be beaten by another lawyer who is better prepared. We are talented, but our opponents are also like that. However, we are often more successful because we work hard and reliably.

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If you decide to cooperate with our law firm, you will be certain that we will take care of your case with full commitment. In our professional practice, we not only work on significant projects for large organisations, but we also deal with seemingly simple matters. We know perfectly well that for our client his case is always the most important matter, regardless of the level of its complexity and the value of the subject of dispute. That is why we approach every issue in the same way - professionally and with full commitment – in order to achieve our mutual success.

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We base arrangement with our clients on principles of fully transparency. We always set the remuneration for legal services at the very beginning of our cooperation. We use flexible remuneration models, including primarily hourly, flat-rate or so-called success fee model. After completing the case or after the agreed period of provision of legal services, the customer receives a summary of the activities carried out together with a description and information how long it took to complete them.

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We base our relationships with clients on the principle of full discretion and trust. By deciding to cooperate, you can entrust us with your matters in atmosphere of confidentiality, being sure that the information obtained will be used only to provide legal services. We store all documents and materials in a manner that protects against access by any unauthorized persons. We make every effort to ensure that the information and data provided to us remain confidential and secure, not only because such an obligation is imposed on us by the Code of Bar Ethics and the Code of Ethics by a legal advisor. We are aware of how valuable they are capital and what dangers are associated with their disclosure. Therefore, cooperation with the Law Firm is always a full guarantee of security and confidentiality for you.

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Long-term relationships

Our goal is not only providing ongoing legal advice and solving individual legal problems, but also building long-term cooperation with clients. Our clients realise that we know their matters and constantly watch over their legal safety. This ensures a sense of stability in legal services, allows us to operate in conditions of full trust and enables joint development of strategies for the future.

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Cooperation with specialists

We are aware of the fact that Polish law is extremely complex and complicated and one lawyer, even the most outstanding, cannot be an expert in every area of law. We also know that the client will benefit more if a team of specialists is dedicated to him. In order to achieve the highest standards of services, we cooperate with lawyers practicing in various industries, as well as with tax and financial advisers, real estate experts and auditors. Our partners are also law firms in other European Union countries.

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The profit of the one
is the profit of the other

Frédéric Bastiat

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