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Here we share with our clients selected projects that we ran. We also describe our greatest successes - winning cases of our clients, which remain a source of satisfaction for us. We also present statements of our lawyers that were given to the media.

Legal support in the process of acquiring a medical center

We have been providing legal advisory services to entities operating in the medical industry for several years. Recently, we had the pleasure of supporting our long-term client in the process…

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Publication of attorney Mateusz Radomyski: “Commercial lease. A Practical Guide”

We are pleased to announce that the publishing house Wolters Kluwer Polska has just released for sale the publication of advocate Mateusz Radomyski: “Commercial lease. A Practical Guide”. The publication…

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We provided legal services in an innovative medical project. The law firm’s collaboration with Medfellows Telemedicine.

We provided comprehensive legal services in the process of establishing a new medical center on the Polish medical market – Medfellows Telemedicine. Medfellows Telemedicine is a medical entity that takes…

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Attorney Mateusz Radomyski’s comments to wyborcza.biz regarding the “2% Safe Mortage” program

Lawyer Mateusz Radomyski provided a commentary to wyborcza.biz regarding the “2% Safe Mortgage” program. The commentary refers to the possibility of taking advantage of the “2% Safe Mortage” program in…

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Opinion of solicitor Mateusz Radomyski for the portal “Subjectively about finances”

Solicitor Mateusz Radomyski provided a legal commentary to the portal “Subjectively about finances”. The comment referred to the conduct of enforcement proceedings with funds from the 2022 tax refund. We…

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Important changes in labor law – employee sobriety testing and remote working

The first quarter of 2023 is full of important changes within the labor law. In February, regulations on employee sobriety testing came into force, while in April regulations governing remote…

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Commentary by legal advisor Dominik Bala for innpoland.pl portal on remote working

Legal advisor Dominik Bala provided a commentary for the innpoland.pl portal on the legal conditions of performing remote work. The publication is available at the link: https://innpoland.pl/191783,praca-na-dwoch-etatach-polacy-chowaja-sie-w-lazienkach-z-laptopami We invite you…

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Another victory for our law firm in a case against the developer

We are pleased to announce that in a judgment dated November 21, 2022. District Court for Warsaw-Śródmieście in Warsaw, 1st Civil Division, in the case ref. no. I C 1037/21,…

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Our law firm’s success in case over delay of development project

We are pleased to announce that by order dated October 12, 2022. The District Court in Warsaw, XXV Civil Division, in the case ref. no. XXV Nc 107/22, dismissed the…

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