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Registering a company and then conducting business using it brings many practical advantages. In the case of limited liability companies, certainly the biggest advantage is the limited liability of partners for the company’s obligations. This is because the partners are liable only with their contributions, but not with their personal (private) assets, which is the case in sole proprietorships.

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Company registration – how can we help you?

If you would like to conduct business using a partnership or a corporation, we can offer you, among other things:

  • drafting a checklist for prospective partners on the shape of the partnership agreement,
  • comprehensive service of incorporation and registration of a company of any type – taking into account your business needs and the specifics of your business,
  • advice on choosing the right legal form of the company, so that you can run your business in the best possible way,
  • advice on the selection of the right PKD codes (scope of activity), the amount of share capital, the number and nominal value of shares, the duration of the company and all other additional provisions, so that you can run your business in the simplest possible way,
  • preparation of the articles of association, based on your needs and our experience,
  • preparation of a set of registration documents (electronic or paper application) and registration of the company in the National Court Register.

Company registration Warsaw – why us?

  • We have many years of experience in providing legal services to entrepreneurs, including the establishment of companies. In 2022 alone, we have established dozens of companies of various types, taking into account the business needs of clients,
  • Registering a company with Capital Legal Law Firm saves time. Working with us, you will save time, while gaining confidence that the entire process of company registration will take place as quickly as possible and without formal errors,
  • We treat each service in an individualized manner, the company agreements we prepare are adapted to the needs of our clients, taking into account the profile, scale and risks of the business,
  • We guarantee that the documentation necessary for the establishment of the company will be drawn up in a manner consistent with the regulations, and will protect your legal interest.
  • We register companies in Warsaw as well as in other cities in Poland.

Establishing a company step 1 – choosing the type of company

The establishment of a company should be preceded by a comprehensive legal analysis to decide on the type of company under which the entrepreneur would like to conduct business. According to the Commercial Companies Code, the types of companies that can be registered with the National Court Register are:

  • general partnership,
  • partnership,
  • limited partnership,
  • limited joint-stock partnership,
  • joint-stock company,
  • simple joint stock company,
  • limited liability company.

The Commercial Companies Code provides for a number of options regarding the legal form of the company. The final decision should be made based on specific business and legal circumstances. Of course, lawyers of our law firm provide legal assistance in selecting the appropriate form of the company, taking into account the individual business situation of the client.

Registering the company – what next?

Company registration is only the first step on the road to success. Once you have successfully established your company, we can support you in further business activities, both as part of ongoing legal services and individual assignments in your ongoing business.

We provide legal services to entrepreneurs in all areas of their operations.

We will help you implement RODO and AML.

We will register your trademark.

We will prepare employee documentation and b2b contracts.

Tell us what business actions you would like to take, and we will give them legal shape so that you can run your business safely.

Do you want to establish a company?

If you are not sure what legal form will be best for your business, you are worried that the registration process will be unnecessarily prolonged, or you simply have practical questions about the procedure – contact us.

Get busy developing your business, and we will make sure that the company meets your business needs, and that the company registration process itself is as fast and efficient as possible.

Our services can be used not only by Poles, but also by foreigners.

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