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Litigation law firm in Poland

In the course of running almost every business in Poland a moment comes when the dispute cannot be resolved amicably and it is necessary to go to court. This may be due to various reasons – improper construction of the contract, its faulty performance or non-performance, unfair activities of the business partner, failure to analyze the legal or financial situation of the contractor, unfavorable decisions of the management board.

The Polish judicial procedure is complex, formalized and usually lengthy. Errors made at the stage of preparing the case and submitting the demand of payment cannot always be corrected at a later time. Therefore, when you find yourself in a legal dispute in Poland, you should seek the help of a professional.

Entrust the conduct of the case to professionals

Our goal is to enable you to focus on your business, not on participating in litigation. That is why, as a law firm dealing with court cases in Poland, we strive to minimize the clients’ participation in ongoing processes, and at the same time ensure full transparency as to their course and result.

We conduct court cases at all stages in Poland, from the initial analysis of available solutions, risk assessment, gathering evidence and attempts to amicable settle the dispute, by preparing a letter initiating court proceedings, representing clients in the proceedings, securing the customer’s claims, and ending with obtaining a favorable final judgment.

However, winning a court case is not the end of your path. After obtaining a favorable judgment, we will also help you carry out enforcement proceedings in order to recover the amount due as quickly and efficiently as possible. In a situation where the debtor is insolvent, we will represent you in insolvency proceedings, and if the debtor is an insolvent limited liability company, we will direct appropriate claims on your behalf to members of its board.

We will help you to win the case

The strategy we develop takes into account monetary and non-monetary claims as well as procedural and non-trial consequences of the actions taken. We also represent natural persons in matters not related to the business. We help to obtain due compensation for damage from insurers and other obliged entities.

We also act on behalf of our clients in court cases relating to real estate, rental contracts and construction matters.

How we will help you

As part of stages of conducting a court case:

  • we analyse the case and evaluate available claims,
  • we negotiate with your debtor to resolve the dispute amicably,
  • if it is necessary to take legal actions – we complete the necessary documents with you and we present a recommendation to you,
  • we determine the scope of expert opinions and their specialties required if necessary,
  • we represent you in court proceedings at all stages of the case,
  • after winning the case – we submit an application to the bailiff and take all possible steps to ensure that the enforcement is efficient and effective.

If your case requires legal action, please contact us. We will analyse your problem and tell you what steps to take.

We provide in particular the following services:

  • filing lawsuits - developing a comprehensive litigation strategy, analysing available solutions, assessing procedural risks and chances to win a dispute,
  • court case - conducting court cases at all stages, starting with the preparation of a letter initiating proceedings, through representation before courts or in the course of amicable negotiations, as well as in enforcement proceedings,
  • representing in matters of broadly understood commercial law, including construction law, for the performance of contracts, debt collection and corporate matters, and intellectual property matters,
  • representing natural persons in cases for damages and redress, in matters of inheritance, protection of personal rights,
  • preparation of claims for payment, including actions against members of the management board of companies, damages or compensation, appeals against resolutions of company bodies.

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