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About Us

We created Capital Legal Law Firm by combining our professional competences in various branches of Polish law. We are a team of attorneys and legal advisers. Before establishing the Capital Legal Law Firm, we gained professional experience cooperating with international and Polish law firms, among others with Allen & Overy, Solivan, GKK Adwokaci. We have worked on significant projects on the national market in the real estate market, in the medical industry, infrastructure projects, and projects for the IT industry. We have professional experience in working with large companies – leaders in their industry, including state-owned companies, local government institutions, as well as medium and small companies and individual entrepreneurs.

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Capital Legal Law Firm mainly serves companies operating in the commercial real estate, healthcare, IT and e-commerce sectors. We provide legal services to entities participating in public tenders, designers, developers, housing associations and commercial real estate managers. We also often operate at the intersection of private and public law, helping contractors to shape relations with the public sector.

Our primary goal is to facilitate entrepreneurs functioning in Poland by providing clients with professional legal services – each time precisely tailored to the client’s needs. In our assumption, legal provisions should help in achieving specific business goals, and not prevent them from achieving those goals. The goal of our work is therefore that the law always helps and never harms doing business.

The office provides services in Polish, English, German and Russian.

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Nasze specjalizacje

  • IT industry

  • Commercial properties

  • Medical industry

  • Construction and building industry

  • E-commerce

  • Project solutions

  • Linear infrastructure

Our core values

What makes us stand out?


You will be able to take care of your business

You know your business, we know the law. We are not going to teach you complicated legal thoughts or refer to the latest case law of the Supreme Court. We do not require you to know the law. Leave it to us – that’s what we are for. We know how valuable your time and money are. We are aware that when it comes to law, you are only interested in the result, not the road to its implementation. If you entrust us with your case, we guarantee that you will be able to take care of your business and we will support you in doing it in accordance with the law. Tell us your problem and we will propose a solution. Your success is our success!


We will be honest with each other

However, we will not promise victory in every case. Honesty and open communication are basic values for us. We care about your trust, so if the chances of winning are small – we will tell you this directly. Our goal is not to promise the impossible. In a situation where we recognize that the chances of winning the case are minimal, we will focus on finding a solution that will minimize your losses.


We are involved

We approach our work with full commitment. We know that clients entrust us with important cases and how important decisions they consult with us are. We always analyse all options and scenarios before issuing recommendations. Based on our knowledge and experience, we develop individually tailored solutions. However, we know that legal preparation is not everything. We try to get to know the industry in which you operate and understand the realities in which you operate so as to be not only your proxy, but also a business partner.


We are available

What connects us and you is running a business – we are also entrepreneurs. We realize that you do not run a business from 9.00 to 17.00. We will stay with you after hours. We know that in business it is not those who make the right decisions that matter, but those who make the right decisions faster than others. Important things always happen in business here and now. We want to give you a feeling that you can always rely on us. We don’t want to create barriers to communication. Do you have a problem? Contact us. Any time.

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Our office

Capital Legal Law Firm is located in Warsaw, at 6b Dąbrowiecka Street, in the historic part of Saska Kępa, near Francuska Street.