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Labor Law Lawyer, Labor Law Lawyer, Labor Law Office WarsawEmployees are said to be the employer’s most valuable asset. Everyone who employs employees, however, knows how many obligations related to this Polish labour law imposes on employers. It is becoming more and more difficult to meet all formal requirements regarding the employment (and dismissal) of employees nowadays. Every year, new regulations are created that must be adopted and implemented in Poland so as not to expose companies to negative legal and financial consequences.

Are you an employer and are you intimidated by the scale of your obligations regarding employment?

Are you an employee and you feel that your employer does not treat you as you deserve, but you do not know what action you can take in this regard?

Feel free to contact our office.

We will help you to fulfill the obligations imposed by Polish labour law and to get out of conflicts with satisfaction. We will accompany you in the most difficult moments, choosing individually tailored strategies and solutions that will ensure optimal protection of your interests as an employer or employee.

Employers often use ready-made templates of employee documents downloaded from websites – contracts, statements or regulations. In our experience, however, it is only in a situation of dispute that it turns out that their interest has not been properly secured, and a free document template downloaded from the Internet does not suit every situation. We are convinced that in the field of Polish labour law, as in any other area of ​​law, attention to detail and individual approach are crucial. We know from experience how important it is already at the stage of preparing documents to become familiar with the specifics of a given type of activity, to analyze the company in organizational terms and to identify potential threats. We effectively protect the interests of our clients while avoiding excessive complexity.

As part of our specialization in Polish employment and labour law, we offer our clients in particular:

  • Representing employees and employers in labour disputes. Representing in negotiations between employees and employers.
  • Representing employees and employers before state bodies – ZUS and the National Labor Inspectorate.
  • Preparing and evaluating employment documents: employment contracts, management agreements, non-competition agreements, property entrustment agreements.
  • Preparation and reviewing statements on termination of employment contracts and termination of employment contracts without notice.
  • Preparation and evaluation of internal company documents, such as work regulations, remuneration regulations, ZFŚS regulations, anti-mobbing procedures, monitoring regulations.
  • Preparation of legal opinions in the field of labor law, in particular regarding termination of employment contracts, overtime, working time, employees leave, parental rights, mobbing, discrimination, non-employment relations, transfer of a workplace to another employer.

How do we provide our legal services?

  • We determine the facts of the case, analyze available information and provided documents.
  • We provide the client with information on possible paths of action and claims.
  • We discuss the chances of a positive outcome and indicate potential legal risks.
  • We take legal steps agreed with the client or resign from the legal path if we find that the chances are not satisfactory.
  • We set our remuneration depending on the amount of work required.