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Polish Criminal Defense Law Firm kancelaria prawo karne warszawa, adwokat sprawy karne warszawa, prawnik prawo karne warszawa

If you have been charged with a crime, the Police or Prosecutor’s Office summoned you for questioning or you have been the victim of a crime and reported it – this means that soon you will be involved in a criminal case.

Legal assistance provided by a criminal lawyer begins already at the pre-trial stage, where investigators gather evidence that will be used before a court. Even then it is necessary to seek the advice of a criminal lawyer to establish the correct line of defense in order to increase your chances of acquittal.

Lawyers specializing in criminal law in Poland – how do we operate?

If you decide to use our services, we guarantee that we will advise you on what the possible solutions in your case are and together with you we will choose the best ones. We are aware that the situation of the accused is difficult and stressful, so regardless of whether we represent you in a simple misdemeanor or a criminal case threatened with a high criminal sanction, we guarantee full professionalism and reliability.

As part of the subsequent stages of conducting a criminal case:

  1. based on the information you have provided, we will plan the most effective line of defense at the pre-trial stage,
  2. we will analyze the evidence collected by the Prosecutor’s Office or the Police, which works for your disadvantage and find inaccuracies and gaps in it,
  3. we will set up new evidence that works in your favor,
  4. during the court hearing, we will ensure that the court does not omit any evidence in your favor,
  5. we will participate in all hearings of witnesses, prepare questions for witnesses,
  6. we will interview experts and, if necessary, submit objections to their conclusions,
  7. if the judgment is not satisfactory for you, we will appeal to the court of second instance or appeal to the Supreme Court.

In the field of criminal law, Capital Legal Law Firm provides in particular the following services:

  • defence in criminal law cases (including robbery, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, punishable threats, fraud, theft, defamation, libel),
  • white collar crimes (e.g. credit frauds),
  • offenses (communication collisions, petty thefts),
  • representation from the pre-trial stage (before the Prosecutor's Office, Police) through defense in all instances of court proceedings,
  • representing a convict at the stage of executive criminal proceedings, in particular in cases of postponement and suspension of absolute imprisonment,
  • help for detained,
  • representing victims in private prosecution cases (defamation, insult, violation of bodily integrity, bodily injuries),
  • bringing subsidiary indictments,
  • drafting all letters in criminal matters (notifications of suspected crime, motions, complaints, appeals, cassations).

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