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lawyer contract for a websiteThe development of new technologies means that at this time business activities are not possible without the use of IT solutions. This requires having the right equipment and the involvement of IT specialists.

Optimal use of these solutions is not possible without regulating the terms of cooperation between the party ordering various IT services and their contractor or supplier of equipment. Website development agreements, contracts that involve positioning of websites, SEM contract – usually require consultation with a lawyer – a specialist in the law of new technologies. Verification of contract by lawyer ensured you will properly secure your interests and minimize business risks. As part of the IT contracts practice, we provide services to our clients in the scope of, among others:

  •  drafting and reviewing IT contracts by a lawyer, including implementation contracts, maintenance contracts, service contracts, contracts for the purchase of IT equipment or software;
  •  developing and giving opinions on standard form contracts, including the general conditions of IT contracts,
  •  legal advice provided by a lawyer specialised in intellectual property, in this respect we offer, among others drafting and reviewing contracts for the purchase of licenses and contracts for the transfer of copyrights,
  • drafting and reviewing contracts for development of websites, SEO contracts, SEM contracts.

We are convinced that a properly implemented IT agreement will allow you to protect your interests. Before drafting a contract, we set the client’s expectations, define the concepts, and determine the results he wants to achieve. By using the available legal solutions, we develop optimal solutions to achieve the goal of the contract, but also to secure payments and enable on the most favorable terms to claim liability in the event of improper performance of the contract.