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Commercial Contracts

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If you are a foreign entrepreneur in Poland, concluding contracts with contractors is a daily part of your business. However, it should be remembered that establishing business conditions is only one of the stages in the process of concluding the contract. Your economic security and position towards the contractor will depend on the detailed wording of the specific provisions of the concluded contract.

Drafting contracts is only seemingly simple. In practice, however, drafting a contract that duly protects your interests in Poland requires considerable knowledge and appropriate experience. Moreover, contractual relations, in particular in professional trade, are governed by more and more complicated legislation, both domestic and European. Frequently changing law requires you to be even more vigilant and careful.

From our experience we realise that the successful completion of a transaction is often not conditioned by fundamental issues, and may break into secondary matters, which at the stage of concluding the contract were not of particular interest to the parties. In the blink of an eye, secondary and tertiary issues are of great importance for the implementation of the entire project. Entrusting the preparation of a contract to a lawyer in Poland who specialises in drafting contracts will help you avoid this risk.

Both entrepreneurs and individual entities still often rely on model contracts that can be easily found on the Internet. Model contracts from the Internet are only suitable for use in the “ideal world” and for the simplest cases. In other situations, and in particular in commercial contracts, they usually harm more than help. Using our help, you will receive a tailor-made contract that will meet your individual needs and secure your interests in relations with your contractors.

Major market players usually have extensive legal departments. By entering into a contract with a large company, you usually receive a complicated contract template prepared by the legal services of the other party. These types of contracts are often characterized by a significant imbalance of the parties’ position in the contract. They reserve a number of rights and collaterals for your contractor, at the same time they do not care about your interests. Working with the client on the conclusion of this type of contract, we modify the contract so that it protects all significant interests of the client and does not expose him to any unnecessary risks.

If you do not run a business, you probably do not encounter written, formalized contracts on a daily basis. If you have already concluded this type of contract, it usually concerns situations that have a significant impact on you, your family and your assets (real estate sale agreement, flat rental agreement, car sale agreement, travel agency agreement). Entrusting the preparation of the contract to us will provide you with maximum security and will release you from the need to deal with unnecessary formalities.

As part of commercial contracts practice, we offer to our clients in particular the following services:

  • Preparation and assessment of commercial, construction, real estate, license, implementation and software contracts.
  • Conducting negotiations before concluding the contract.
  • Preparation of general contract conditions and regulations.
  • Preparation of document templates.
  • Legal risk assessment related to the conclusion of the contract.
  • Legal service at the implementation stage (performance of the contract).
  • Legal assistance in establishing property security, sureties, guarantees, mortgages, declarations of voluntary submission to enforcement

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