Mateusz Radomyski

About me

I am an attorney at the District Council of Attorneys in Warsaw, a graduate of LLB law studies at Coventry University in the United Kingdom (diploma with honors) and LL.M. studies in the area of international business law at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands (diploma cum laude). In addition, I completed postgraduate studies in competition law at the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Before creating Capital Legal, I worked with international and Polish law firms, including the British law firm Allen & Overy, Solivan B. Miszkurka, J. Chabocka Advocates and Legal Advisors, Gotkowicz, Kosmus Kuczynski and Partners Advocates law firm.

I specialize primarily in advising international and Polish entities in the broad area of real estate law, with particular emphasis on commercial real estate. I advise companies operating in the office, retail, warehouse, logistics and residential real estate sectors. I also regularly represent investors in real estate acquisition and disposal processes. The total value of real estate transactions in which I have participated reaches hundreds of millions of zlotys.

I also support both tenants and landlords in negotiating the terms of commercial leases, primarily in shopping centers and office buildings. Together with the firm’s team of lawyers, over the past few years we have successfully conducted a number of legal audits of properties and negotiated dozens of commercial leases for our clients.

I am also responsible for litigating against developers, both on behalf of individuals and housing communities, in suits for delayed transfer of ownership of units, as well as disputes over legal defects in real estate.

I regularly provide commentary and opinions for the media, including in,,, Business Insider, Subiektywnie o Finansach, Gazeta Krakowska, Monday News.

In 2023, the publishing house Wolters Kluwer Polska will publish my publication “Lease and rental of commercial real estate. Legal aspects”.

Due to the completion of international legal studies and participation in many projects of an international nature, I am fluent in legal English, both spoken and written, which helps me to effectively provide legal services to the firm’s international clients.

Examples of completed projects


  •  representation of an international investor in the process of selling an office building in the center of Warsaw,
  •  preparation of more than a dozen due diligence studies of real estate for international and Polish investors as part of real estate acquisition transactions,
  •  representing an international investor in the acquisition of a retail park in the Targówek district of Warsaw,
  •  representing an investor in the acquisition of an office building in downtown Wroclaw,
  •  negotiating dozens of commercial lease agreements, including in shopping centers and office buildings,
  •  legal support for an international developer in the process of purchasing investment land in Warsaw's Białołęka district and in Poznań for residential development, and advising on the construction of residential buildings and their sale,
  •  Ongoing legal services to more than a dozen housing communities in Warsaw and the surrounding area, including drafting community resolutions and representing the community in court and administrative cases.


  • conducting more than a dozen lawsuits on the territory of the Warsaw Appellate Court concerning compensation for purchasers of real estate due to delays of developers in the implementation of investments and transfer of ownership of premises,
  • representing a number of individuals in defect lawsuits against developers, in various factual states throughout Poland, for example, two clients before the District Court in Pruszków (the scope of defects: moisture in the ceilings and walls of the premises, mold and mildew on the ceilings and walls of the premises, damage to the floor of the balcony belonging to the premises),
  • representing the Housing Community before the District Court in Gdańsk in a lawsuit for developer defects (scope of defects: cracks and spalling of the floor in the garage hall, cracks and spalling of the floor of the sub-basement, soaking of the walls of the sub-basement, swimming pool and spa rooms, terraces, balconies and facade),
  • representing the Housing Community before the District Court Poznań - Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań in a lawsuit on developer defects (scope of defects: leaking ceiling over basements, dampness of basement walls, defectively made construction and insulation of elevator landing, defectively made chimney insulation - flooding of boiler room with water, incorrectly made construction of chimneys),
  • representation of the Housing Community before the District Court for Warsaw-Mokotów in Warsaw in a lawsuit on developer defects (scope of defects: water leakage and bad insulation of the roof).


  • representing defendants in drug possession cases (many times with the effect of discontinuing the case),
  • representing defendants in traffic accident cases, including accidents caused under the influence of alcohol and marijuana,
  • representing a defendant for participation in an organized criminal group for drug trafficking operating in Warsaw, representing a defendant for participation in a case involving defrauding a grant from PARP for an innovative technology project,
  • representing defendants in criminal economic cases (crimes against economic turnover, crimes against protection of information, crimes for acts of unfair competition, forgery of documents).