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lawyer for companiesWe are often approached by entrepreneurs who ask us to provide legal assistance in Poland in solving a complicated legal problem, which is often already at the stage of court proceedings. Our experience shows that most often these problems were caused by the fact that business arrangements were made oral and not in the written form. Disputes between entrepreneurs in Poland are not always caused by bad will or non-performance of a contract by one of the parties – they often result from discrepancies in how the oral contract should be performed and what the exact obligations of the parties are.

In our opinion, however, many problems could have been avoided if the entrepreneur had approached us at an earlier stage, for example at the time of commencing trade negotiations with his contractor, before the case developed in an unfavorable direction. Our practice shows that a good solution is to use professional legal services before making any decision that is of significant business importance to the company. Most importantly, turning to a lawyer at an earlier stage would not only save the entrepreneur time, but would also often avoid the costs of legal proceedings.

Consultation with a lawyer brings a number of benefits to the entrepreneur. First of all, it eliminates the risk of illegal activities and minimizes the risk of making mistakes. In addition, a good company lawyer will ensure safety of the business, especially in the proper construction and protection of commercial contracts, adopting resolutions necessary for the functioning of the company, or requirements imposed on entrepreneurs, for example in connection with the GDPR or a mandatory entry in the BDO register (database about products and packaging). Professional legal service also facilitates making business decisions based on knowledge of regulations, especially considering that, in principle, every aspect of economic activity in Poland is subject to some extent to the regulations of laws, which are subject to frequent changes. It should also be remembered that a significant percentage of entities conducting business activities will sooner or later be forced to file a lawsuit against another entrepreneur or will be sued. Due to the complexity of the Polish civil law procedure, without commercial lawyer, entrepreneurs will have difficulties in court, even in the simplest case for payment.

In the area of commercial law, we provide in particular the following services:

  • day-to-day legal advice and preparing opinions on current business operations,
  • registering changes in the Companies Register,
  • establishing and registering companies in the Companies Register,
  • preparing commercial contracts, contracts with employees, regulations, statutes,
  • introducing changes in the companies’ articles of association,
  • representing entrepreneurs in dealings with debtors, public administration bodies, enforcement bodies,
  • preparing various types of letters, among others to public institutions, state administration bodies,
  • applying for consent, concessions, permits.
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